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Saturday, August 13, 2016

How to unmark wrong Active Primary Partition on Disk

Hello all...
Two days ago, i made a mistake with disk on my PC in office
Wrong click on other disk except C:\ (Windows ), i marked another disk (Drive D:) as active partition
So the boot windows move to there


I was very confused after that lol
Try to resolved that with "DISKPART" command and it worked

Here are the steps:
  • Run Command Prompt, Start > Run > Type cmd
  • Type diskpart on the command prompt

  • Type list volume, to list the volume

  • Type select volume 2, cause the system move to Drive D for my case
  • And then type inactive
Some of diskpart command that you can use
  1. list disk (for list number of your disk)
  2. select disk * (for select disk, * is disk number that you select)  
  3. list partition (for list partition of disk)
  4. select partition * (for select partition, * is parition number that you select) 
  5. delete partition override (for clear partition)
  6. attribute volume clear hidden (for clear hidden volume) 


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