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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Migrate DHCP IPv4 Scopes

To migrate DHCP Server from one domain controller server to other domain controller server, can use "netsh" command. Example there are DC1 and DC2. Here're the steps:
On DC1
  • Go to start menu and then run, type cmd.
  • In the command prompt type:
netsh dhcp server \\yourserver export c:\filename all
netsh dhcp server \\DC1 export c:\dhcp all
  • Move the file named "dhcp" in DC1 into drive c:\ on DC2
On DC2
  • Type this following command on command prompt:
netsh dhcp server \\your server import c:\filename all
netsh dhcp server \\DC2 import c:\dhcp all
  • Restart the DHCP server and verify if the database has moved over properly.


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