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Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to Adjust Font Size in Lotus Notes

How to adjust font size in lotus notes if user of Lotus Notes selects screen resolution above of 1024x768 pixels which cause problem of the text on the screen difficult to read, because on the menu doesn't provide for adjusting the size of font? The Lotus Notes client just provides changeable of type face of font, that can be select from File > User Preferences > Default Fonts.

Here're the steps:

  • Adjust the font size on Lotus Notes client, by adding parameter in notes.ini

  • Find the notes.ini on your directory of lotus notes that have installed on your system, example in my system on d:\lotus\notes\notes.ini
  • Edit the notes.ini file by notepad, add the Display_font_adjustment=n
'n' range from '1' (is default size) up to '25' (is the largest size), place the parameter anywhere in notes.ini file, 'n' variable also work with negative values that size might be too small.



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