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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Clear Run Command's Most Recently Used List on Windows XP

The use of the command run continuously on windows xp will create list of many that when too many will bother us in the process of finding the necessary command. Because windows XP will record it in the registry, out there are many existing applications to clean up the run command. Here will be discussed how to Clear Run Command's Most Recently Used List on Windows XP.
  • Clear the recent command in Run through Regedit
Open the registry, go to Start Menu > Run > Type regedit, and then navigate down to the following key:
On the right, you must see your recent commands, you can delete any of the keys that contain in your commands, but you must re-login to see the lists have been cleaned.
  • The Other Way to Completely Clear Recent Run Dialog Entries
On the taskbar right-click and choose Properties, then choose Start Menu.

Choose the option of "Classic Start menu", and select the Customize button.

Just click the Clear button to remove all of the recent documents and applications from the start menu. (Notes: Cancel out of the dialogs so you can keep the XP menu style). After you have done that, hit Cancel and then Cancel button again to make sure you don’t switch to the Classic Start menu.
This second method will clear out everything (recently access documents, programs and websites), so if you just want to remove a single entry you need to use the first method.


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