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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Returns on Disable USB Flash/Write Protected

Have experienced Flash Disk or External Hard Drive with USB cable that suddenly can not be used, it may disable access to or a message Write-Protected? If you experience this, or would like to disable the use of USB in your computer and restrict access, you can try the following tips. At a minimum there are two things that can cause the USB storage media can not be accessed, the first access is disabled and the second, the access in protection, used to display a message that "The disk is write-protected". Both can be arranged through the windows registry.

USB Mass Storage not Working (Disable)

There are times when an external storage media such as USB Flash Disk, External hard drives and the like can not be enabled or disabled. If you experience this then try the following:
  • Open the Registry Editor (Start Menu> Run, type: Regedit, then press enter/click OK).
  • Find the following Key:
  • In the right pane double-click Start, replace the contents (Value data) with 3 to enable the USB storage, if there was 4 then Removable USB mass storage device will be disabled.

    If the effect is not directly visible, then restart the computer first. These tips can be implemented in Windows Vista, 7, XP, Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008. 

    This Disk is Write-Protected

    In this condition, the USB can still be read, but can not be written or to store data. If it will be used to store the data will display a message like this:

    If an event like the above, then try to follow the following tips:
    • Open the Registry Editor (Start Menu> Run, type: Regedit, then press enter/click OK).
    • Find the following Key:
    • If in the right panel there WriteProtect, double click and fill section data value 0 or delete WriteProtect or StorageDevicePolicies can also delete the key. Then refresh (View> Refresh).
    • Try disconnecting the USB Flash Disk and repeat the copy data.
    Instead, in order to restrict computer users can not write, copy or move data in the flash disk, it can be done with the following tips:
    • Open the Registry Editor (Start Menu> Run, type: Regedit, then press enter/click OK).
    • Search Key (like a folder) the following:
    • Create a new key (right click and choose New> Key, then give the name StorageDevicePolicies
    • Then open StorageDevicePolicies key and right click select New> DWORD Value named WriteProtect
    • Double click WriteProtect is, in the value of data and content with value 1. Click OK

    In addition to CurrentControlSet, alteration should also be made in key ControlSet001, ControlSet002, and so on if any. So it can be checked on the following Key:


    After on the set as above, then all users who use these computers can not save, copy or move data to a USB Flash Disk, without having to restart the computer first. So there is write-protected disk message as above. These tips can be run on Windows XP SP2 and SP3, Windows Vista, 7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.


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