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Sunday, November 06, 2011

How to Increase the Volume in Media Player Classic

Often as we listen to our computer music sound less than the maximum, whereas the same volume of the music player is already full, it had been toned voice if we are using additional speakers, the results of our computer to lose exist at other machines of this voice. On this occasion I will give you some ways how to increase sound in Media Player Classic, actually it was quite a long way, but not what was, for the uninitiated let's try together to see how below.

Surely you already have Media Player Classic Software, if not can be downloaded at free-codecs

  • Try to open the Media Player Classic, on the menu tab you select the 'View' menu and click. 'Options'.

  • After that you select 'Internal Filters' -> 'Audio Switcher', then you uncheck Regian volume' and then you tick the 'Normalize', at Boost you set yourself, if you want loud sound exaggerated.
  • If it is click 'Apply' then 'Ok', and feel the difference.


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