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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Design Lotus Notes Can't Show Correctly and Failed when Replace the Design

If your design lotus notes mail cannot show with correctly, such as frameset error cannot load. You can't see view of your contents of document (Inbox, draft, sent, trash, etc). Or you get this error "Design replace failed. Invalid or nonexistent document" or "Design replace failed. Document has been deleted." when you try to replace the design of mail file Lotus Notes.

That message indicate of database corruption. You can't just replace design, you must run this command on command prompt where your lotus notes has been installed.

Here's some steps i use when my local mail file was corruption:
  • ncompact <folder name> / ncompact -d
Clear the error of corruption and allow design to be replaced, discard built view indexes, and copy-style compacting. Run Compact with the -c option to fix corruption problems that Fixup doesn’t correct.
  • nfixup <folder name> / nfixup drive:\notes\data\yourDBname.nsf

Fix corrupted views and documents.
  • nupdall <folder name>/ nupdall -r
Fix corrupted views and full-text indexes; if a corrupted view is the problem, try Updall before trying Fixup.

The Screenshot:
Press SHIFT+F9 to rebuild one view.
Press CTRL+SHIFT+F9 to rebuild all views in a database.

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  1. OK..
    it's work...
    very very wellllll...

    thank you v much


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