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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Web Protect from Hackers

Here are tutorial to prevent hackers to enter the site. These ways only to hinder and prevent, do not guarantee 100% of your site safe from hackers.
Scan your computer
Computers that are infected by this type of virus, trojan, malware can be specified:
  • Sends information to the address username and password hacker.
  • Download your web files and modify it and then uploaded again, a modified file can be used to break through the web and server.
The solution, periodically scans your computer using antivirus software up-to-date.

Username and Password
  • Change passwords periodically cpanel and database.
  • Do not use cpanel username and password to access the database, create a separate username and password database.
  • Do not use the same password with your username and password with characters combine letters, numbers and punctuation.

CMS and Extension
  • Many web created using CMS, it is better to choose an active CMS like Joomla and WordPress CMS.
  • Upgrade CMS, templates, components, modules, plugins and extensions to the latest version.
  • Do not use components, modules, plugins and extensions that never updated by the developer.
  • Uninstall and remove templates, components, modules, plugins and extenstion are not used. Getting a little extra in the CMS using the more secure you your web.
  • Do not use pirated software or nulled, usually software has been compromised by malicious code that can be used to hack the web and your server.

Files and folders
  • Delete files and folders that are not known in the hosting. You can compare files and folders with CMS and the original software or a backup.
  • Make sure the permissions (access rights) are 644 and files to a folder is 755.
  • Permission config file that contains the database username and password information (configuration.php in Joomla, wp-config.php in WordPress) set to 444.
  • Protect your admin folder with a password (Password Protect Directories).
  • Add a rule to robots.txt and .htaccess so that search engines can not access the admin directory or directories that are not desirable.

  • Backup, backup and backup. Backup files and database web and downloaded to a computer, not just stored on the server only.
  • Backup before making any changes.

Similarly, this tutorial may help prevent and protect you from hackers.

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