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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Messy Joomla Web page generated when activating options that exist in SEO Settings

This tutorial discusses about the issue on the web where the web Joomla Joomla that displays web pages that mess, which appears only text without images and colors and layout so chaotic. This is due to file CSS (Style Sheet) templates used could not be found by Joomla.

Indeed, on the home page (home) Joomla perform perfectly, but when clicked on one of the menu will display a web page that mess. This problem is caused when the enable option available in Joomla SEO Settings in the Administrator without replacing the "htaccess.txt" to " .htaccess".

The Joomla Web Pages fix mess

Previously make sure first that this problem posed by the SEO Settings option. Please login to Joomla Administrator> Site> Global Configuration.

Make sure the option Search Engine Friendly URLs and Use Apache mod_rewrite enabled.

In the SEO Settings option there is a yellow exclamation mark icon, mouse over the icon, then will appear the words:
    WARNING!:: Apache users only! Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess before activating.

Then save your configuration has changed.

Now go to cPanel> File Manager

Find htaccess.txt file (located in the Joomla files are placed).

Rename the file htaccess.txt to .htaccess -> use the "." Dots in front of htaccess (. Htaccess)

Recheck your Joomla website.


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