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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Joomla SEO Setting

This article will discuss the SEO configuration in Joomla by default uses the SEO settings of Joomla. The use of SEO in Joomla is highly recommended because it can facilitate the search engines like Google or Yahoo recognizes keywords of the articles displayed on the web Joomla. It is also easier for people to remember the address of favorite Web pages.

Examples of URLs before activating the Joomla SEO settings:

Example URL after using Joomla SEO settings: 

Joomla SEO Settings

Enabling the default Joomla SEO can be done through the administrator page> Site> Global Configuration. This option is Site tab. This option consists of three options, namely:
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs, to optimize Joomla web url so I can be read by search engines and humans.
  • Use Apache mod_rewrite, to perfect the use of Search Engine Friendly URLs option.
  • Add suffix to URLs, to add the suffix for Joomla web page address.

Enable the option Search Engine Friendly URLs and Use Apache mod_rewrite.

For options Add suffix to URLs are optional. If you enable this option, you will get the url address suffix. Html

Note: Enabling the option above should be followed by changes htaccess.txt to. Htaccess just directed your mouse to the yellow exclamation point icon, then will appear the words:
WARNING!::Apache users only! Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess before activating.

Using the .htaccess

You must replace the file htaccess.txt to. Htaccess (using a point before writing htaccess). The trick please follow the directions below.

Log into cPanel> File Manager, locate the file htaccess.txt which is located in the Joomla files.

Rename the file "htaccess.txt" to " .htaccess" (use a colon before writing htaccess)

After finishing the above steps, open a web and your web menus. Later will come the url as below.

With options Add suffix to URLs:

Without options Add suffix to URLs:

Thus the end of this tutorial, hopefully you can use the default Joomla SEO features without having problems. 


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