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Friday, October 21, 2011

How to Clean Up Virus Sality

Time based on the selection of the title because of aggravation with the discovery of the virus on office computer that users use everyday. What is the virus? According to the post title above, the virus that I found and detected by Sophos anti virus installed on the computer was Sality, exactly Sality.101.

Well that makes it both irritated again, I use antivirus can remove only when the virus was detected and did not fix the registry and autorun.inf infected with this virus, as a result I had to tamper with the registry manually. Therefore I look for alternative healing alternative.  After browsing here and there, finally I found an alternative healing that I have proved effective against Sality.101, application name is Salitykiller. Kaspersky Lab applications output this, finding and repairing the infected files better.

How to use it is also very easy, extract, then run Salitykiller.exe, then allow this application to work until all the components of the registry and files are scanned perfectly and automatically will be corrected by this virus.

Display of SalityKiller:
Sality Killer.exe

For everyone who found the same problem as me, please download the application SalityKiller.

Hope useful and free from the cursed sality attack.


  1. I hope this works.
    been having serious problems with my PC and Laptop because of this virus

  2. If your PC is infected with virus and your system have no installed antivirus than you can also remove it manually through some steps.

    Remove Virus Without Antivirus

  3. It finally worked. After so long, and pain in the ass to understand weird Bahasa/Malaysian/Indonesian forums... Why didn't I saw this one first.. Oh well, I guess that's the internet for you..
    Thank you, my kind sir.

  4. Counteractive action: Be cautious, if an email looks suspicious or peculiar not read the erase. Be careful about changes in the model of the vocabulary of your contacts, this can be an awesome approach to discover an email infection. Make certain to make the messages that show up spam straightforwardly into the spam organizer. how to remove zepto file virus


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